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Description: Phoronix Test Suite open-source benchmarking development
Last Change: Fri 4/24/15 10:44

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Fri 4/24/15 10:44
Michael Larabel  
phoromatic: Fix jumping... 
Thu 4/23/15 8:43
Michael Larabel  
phoromatic: Remove... 
Wed 4/22/15 21:06
Michael Larabel  
phoromatic: Disable IP... 
Tue 4/21/15 22:15
Michael Larabel  
Phoronix Test Suite 5.8... 
Tue 4/21/15 16:23
Michael Larabel  
phoromatic: Add "System... 
Tue 4/21/15 12:15
Michael Larabel  
pts-core: Exec in path... 
> --git a/phoronix-test-suite b/phoronix-test-suite
index 6f73ef0
..f78b095 100755
--- a/phoronix-test-suite
+++ b/phoronix-test-suite
@@ -46,+46,@@ case "${task}in
php pts-core/pts-run-cmd.php LIST_SUITES
php pts-core/pts-run-cmd.php LIST_SAVED_TESTS
php pts-core/pts-run-cmd.php LIST_SAVED_RESULTS
php pts-core/pts-run-cmd.php REMOTE_COMPARISON $$3
@@ -68,+68,@@ case "${task}in
echo "remove-result <Saved File>: Remove this saved result file and associated files"
echo "list-tests: List all Phoronix Test Suite Benchmark profiles"
echo "list-suites: List all Phoronix Test Suites"
-    echo "list-saved-tests: List all saved results"
+    echo "list-saved-results: List all saved results"
echo "upload <Saved File>: Upload these results to be shared globally"
echo "build-php: Build A Local Copy Of PHP For The Phoronix Test Suite"
echo "\n"
diff --git a/pts-core/pts-run-cmd.php b/pts-core/pts-run-cmd.php
index 4271299.
.b22d1e6 100644
--- a/pts-core/pts-run-cmd.php
+++ b/pts-core/pts-run-cmd.php
@@ -82,+82,@@ switch($COMMAND)
-    case 
+    case 
"Phoronix Test Suite - Saved Results\n";
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